Who can be a PCC member?

Membership is open to:

  • Adults
  • College Students
  • Students 16 years of age or at least a high school junior

We also welcome non-singing members who volunteer to support our organization’s many technical and administrative tasks.

What’s the audition like?

Don’t worry — only the Musical Director will hear you. You will be asked to do some vocalizing and to display tonal memory and rhythm skills. Please note, basic music knowledge is an advantage but a voice that blends with others, good music memory, and love of choral music is required.

The audition will have one of three outcomes:

  1. acceptance as a full member
  2. acceptance as a conditional member
  3. or non-acceptance

Conditional members are asked to re-audition prior to the performance to demonstrate that they’ve learned the music.

Auditions are by appointment

Auditions may be arranged by appointment throughout the season. To schedule an audition, email our Musical Director, Leslie Poss (lposs@gracetuscaloosa.org). Interested singers are encouraged to “sit in” on the first rehearsal for each concert to assess if they might be interested in participating before signing up for an audition. Please check the season schedule for concert dates.

What costs are involved?


  • Students: $0/first semester, $40/semester, $80/season
  • New members: $0/first semester, $40/second semester
  • Members: $45/semester, $80/season

Dues do not include the additional costs of concert attire or music.

The Board has also established the Kathy Visconti Christian Memorial Fund to help singers who may be struggling with financial burdens and need help paying for dues or music. Contact a PCC Board member if you would like to discuss financial assistance options.

What will I wear?

Women wear a uniform black skirt/pants and top, and black dress shoes. Men wear black single-breasted tuxedos, white shirts, narrow black bow ties, a traditional black cummerbund, black shoes, and black socks.

What will be expected of me?


Members are expected to spend time at home reinforcing the work done in rehearsals. For the more challenging music, we will provide rehearsal recordings or offer extra sectional rehearsals as needed.


Rehearsals are held each week on Monday evening from 7:00 to 8:30PM at Grace Presbyterian Church, Tuscaloosa.  When additional rehearsals are needed, they will be announced by the Board President and will be posted via email.

If you miss three rehearsals prior to a concert (for any reason), you’ll need the Musical Director’s permission to perform in that program. This may require an audition on the current works to demonstrate that you are prepared.

Where we rehearse and directions

Grace Presbyterian Church, 113 Hargrove Rd. Tuscaloosa.